29 Things I Learned At 29


  1. You can be successful in your career, but time will come that you will also fail in that field. Life is like a wheel; you may be on top but there are times that you will be at the bottom.

     2. People may praise you for your achievements, and there are also some people that             will try to drag you down. Insecurities are so common that they can buy it like a                 candy at a store.

     3. No matter what happens, you will always go back to your family. Say “I love you” to          them everyday without fail.



4. A friend who will always be there for you in times of need is indeed a real friend. I           have been through ups and downs in this life. They may not help you financially, but         just a mere moral support and encouragement is a great thing to survive in this                   crazy confusions in life.

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5. The things that you stand for fifteen years ago, will be different fifteen years after.           Circumstances may change your perceptions, but it is still you who can decide if it is         right or not.

6. Never cease to improve yourself. In order to survive, avoid mediocrity.

7. Do not be afraid to make big, bold moves. Sometimes the best results are obtained              by doing brave decisions.


8. Your life choices define your future, your thoughts speaks for your present and your          action echoes back your past.

9. Always find a “me time”. Try to assess yourself from time to time.

10. Do not expect something in return from people just because you did something for             them. If they didn’t replied to your messages, don’t feel hurt. If they didn’t gave you           gifts during Christmas, don’t expect it in the first place.

11. Respect all people whether they’re different from your race, religion, sexual                         orientation, political views and social status. You may be a Christian but don’t be a             bigot. Every person in this world are created by God, and everyone has their own               stories. Never shove them to their throats your ideals just because you think it’s                   right.

12. Save money and invest it to become your assets. I may have spent my money                       before in wrong reasons, to wrong people and I totally regret it. But at least you                   must have emergency funds.

13. Never trust a woman who do not trust his man. How can you entrust something                 from a person who cannot trust half of their mind, body and heart?

14. Love is not a sugar coated doughnut, but a rough rock that needs to be polished. It             takes effort to make a beautiful love story.

15. Second chances are rare and not everyone deserves it.

16. An honorable man’s word is accepted without challenge.

17. Always have contingency plans in case your present plan fails.

18. Taking chances may be necessary, but take resonsibility of your actions no matter             what is the outcome.

19. Always make sure that the people you’re telling your secrets to will not leak it.

20. Be thankful always.

21. Find someone who will be your outlet if you havedoubts in mind, depressed or in               trouble.

22. Be nice to all persons, but always be prepared to kill those who are insecured with             a smile.

23. You may have good times with your crewmates onboard ships, but never trust                     them your life, secrets, your plans and anything valuable to you. NEVER. Unless it is           life or death situation or safety related matters. You can never trust a seafarer with           personal issues.


24. Beware of fake people. They may take advantage of you because of your stature in             life, your achievements and your looks.

25. From time to time, douse yourself with alcohol.

26. Make choices not because it’s easy, but it will be beneficial in the long run.

27. One sided love affair isn’t fun. You may feel good at first, but at the end, it will only             bring suffering to your heart. It will swallow you whole, affecting your life, work               and thooughts.

28. Enjoy life to the fullest. You may only live once, but treat each and every other day             as if it is your last. Take all lessons as charged into experience and never regret it.

29. God holds your life. He only knows what is the best for you. He will never leave you           nor forsake you. Cast all of your problems to Him and He will give you rest. He is               the ultimate provider and He is the only One who knows Your future.


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