29 Things I Learned At 29

You can be successful in your career, but time will come that you will also fail in that field. Life is like a wheel; you may be on top but there are times that you will be at the bottom.      2. People may praise you for your achievements, and there are also some […]

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Sagada Adventures: Day 1

It’s been three months since I went home, but I haven’t done any major travels or vacation. My past days were filled with trainings, activities in my church, or just in my house and attending some errands. To add with this, I have to be very frugal with my budget because I got only a […]

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The Wandering Seaman: Offsigners

Note: This blog also contains some articles about my obsession: airlines. Enjoy! Truly, one of the most happiest event in the life of a seaman is finishing his contract and to go home. After months of hard, thrilling and exhausting work onboard their vessels, it is the point where seamen can really enjoy the “freedom” […]

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